Nguyễn Rogers Law, at its discretion, provides some warranty plans for Tax Refund, that we don’t get pay until the commitment is performed.

warranty program 1In order to join into the warranty plans, you should complete all forms received from us for the case evaluation. An interview will be scheduled and a communication fee of US$ 250.00 will be applied.

Upon learning details about your project, yourself and/or your business, a processing plan in detail will be designed. Legal fees will be quoted based on the plan you chose. If a communication fee has been charged, it will be set off into the legal fees when you enter in the contract of service.

General information how warranty plan implemented

To join into this plan, you should:

  • Complete the contact form
  • Complete in detail the received questionnaire and return to Nguyen Rogers’ Law with the quoted communication fees (if any).
  • Be on time for the telephone or on-line conference.
  • Upon our counselor’s determination of the case’s outcome, a quotation will be given.
  • In such case that our counselor would not accept the action, the counselor will disclose the cause of non-acceptance. You have 6 months to inform the changes without paying another communication fee for re-consideration.