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Business representative or brokerIn order to obtain a long-term visa or a green card to work and live in the United States,  at least 3 factors must exist: high budget, travel time, and work force.  If you are possibly lacking one or more of these factors, could you still reach your goal? The answer is YES, you could.

Because there are more issues in the real life that we can’t refer all on this site, and clients’ interests are placed in priority on each service provided by Nguyễn Rogers’ Law, we will listen to all issues and matters brought to us.  We locate solutions for difficult situations that irregularly occurred beyond your expectations. We would encourage you to tell us what you need. We certainly can help make your plan a reality. If the request does not fall within our operation, we will refer you to an appropriate law firm free of charges.

Here below are the services you may need:

  1. Taking American citizenship test in English, in your native language, or exemption to the English test.
  2. Performing investigation documents to prove the relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiaries.
  3. Can’t obtain American Passport
  4. and more ….

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