Project Implementing, Contract Negotiation and New Business Establishment

How to establish a new business in the United States of America?

Implementing a project, negotiating contract or operating a business in the United States.

  • How to establish a new business in the United States?

    The United States has the 3rd largest population and is the most civilized country in the world. Having a business in the America or selling products into this market promises the potential of extra-large profits even though with a small percentage of the market

    50 states in the United States of the America have different requirements or regulations for a new business to be established and operated. The new business operators must also meet requirements of immigration laws to legally work and implement the activities of the company.

    You need an expert in this field to help you with the primary steps to save time, money, and any risk of violation of the local laws.   Nguyễn Rogers’s Law will associate with the local law firms to perform what you need after a study of your business plan is completed.  We additionally help to design the plan to meet the immigration law requirement.   Contact us.

  • Implementing a project, establishing a business, or negotiating contracts in the United States

    Operating a successful business is the main target of all entities. Many foreign companies had launched different plans of operation in the USA, BUT not all of them had successfully laid a good foundation due to lack of language, culture, and knowledge of the local democratic system to integrate into new and unfamiliar markets.

    With knowledge of the culture, experience in establishing relationships and background of the administrative structure and democracy, Nguyễn Rogers’ Law offers contract negotiation works, performs the steps of launching new office or branch, obtains licenses and work permits for the new business to be legally operated.  We additional could assist to resolve  disputes arisen from the agreements or contracts for the best of your benefit and still maintaining current relationship.

    Why not challenge us to reach your goals, the goals of a successful business operation . You will be pleased with your results.

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