Camlinh Profile

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Juris Doctor Camlinh Nguyen Rogers was born in Can Tho City, which is the heart of Mekong Delta in South Viet Nam, in a well known family of Ông Tổng Quyền.

She began to study the French language when she was 12 years old at the Saint Paul school located in Can Tho City and owned by a very tough Vietnamese French citizen teacher, who later became her Godfather. She began to work as an interpreter between Vietnamese and the French language when she was about 20 years old to earn some money for her piano lessons. She also joined up to be a free interpreter for groups of European students from France and Italy, who performed their thesis of Master and Doctoral degrees under exchange students programs.

After under-graduating from Can Tho University, she worked for The European Community project as Executive Secretary for more than 3 years. She handled the project papers, communication with the government, and interpretation and translations work.

During this time she formed the first Francophone Club in the Mekong Delta. The club had received support from the French Consulate in many ways. Presently it is largely operated in the same area.

Over time, she studied with the Université de Franchie-Comité in Besanҫon, France, participated in comprehensive insurance operations courses organized by Gras Savoye in Paris and with The London Insurance Institute.

She left Viet Nam to study insurance in the United States. She has permanently lived in the United States since the year 2001.  In 2002 she formed American Bridge Advisors and incorporated in the year of 2009. Throughout years of dealing with markets operation, different cultures, and rules, she employed these experiences and knowledge to adopt the activities for American Bridge Advisors, Inc. as a business establishment and Immigration Services.

She joined up to be a Grader of the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC) and became a contractor of the United States Federal Court – Middle District of Florida since 2008.

Presently Cam Linh is an attorney, a member of the California Bar Association, the American Bar Association, The American Immigration Lawyer Association, and Great Orlando Asian American Attorney Association.  Her experiences, skill, and education have provided the clients the most benefits and the best services, that play the central heart of the Nguyễn Rogers Law firm operation goal.

Camlinh composes a couple of books that give the readers an insight of what is going on in the interpretation and translation business, and how the interpreter’s and translator’s errors affect the outcome of a business transaction or a legal case.  They also teach the readers, who don’t know how to speak the target foreign languages three points:

  • How to properly select qualified interpreters despite lacking the knowledge of foreign languages;
  • How to manage an interpretation session without knowledge of the foreign languages,
  • How to maintain the primary goal when using interpretation services.

No matter which field the readers are in, these books are the umbrella to protect them against out-of-control influence by inaccurate interpretations and translations.

By these books Camlinh hope to call the authority’s attention so that rules and regulations in the field of interpretation and translation would be understood to reduce the risk to the users of these services, and to help saving life or freedom in the criminal courts.