Nguyễn Rogers’ Law counsels and performs the immigration services for the people live in the 50 states of the United States of America or any country worldwide. The provided immigration services include, but not limited to:

  1. Obtain and/or extend travel visa, student visa, patient visa, work visa, long-term visa, work permit, green card without requirement of having a close relative to file the petition;
  2. Change and/or adjust a short-term visa status to a long-term visa or a permanent resident;
  3. Remove conditions on two year green cards;
  4. Hire foreign workers with Master degree or above ;
  5. File petitions for parent(s), children, sibling, fiancé / fiancée, spouse, or same sex partner;
  6. Obtain a green card in the USA by self-petition on the base of a business plan, an investment, high education; or on the ground of spousal death, battered spouse or abused child (physically or mentally) situation; or other reasonable grounds;
  7. Appeal and / or reopen the denial petitions to avoid waiting time or waiting for visa number;
  8. Obtain visa for a new born of a permanent resident woman to immediately enter into the United states without waiting time;
  9. Request cases with children at 19 or 20 of age to be completed quickly; or appeal to the denials based on the ground of the children’s age;
  10. Apply for Temporary Protected Status, refugees or asylum status no matter where the applicant is living;
  11. Adjust an illegal status to a legal status and to obtain work permit and/or green card according to the current law;
  12. Request the USCIS to take a prompt action on the out-of-time petition, or the wrongly classified application;
  13. Request waivers for inadmissibility due to health problem, criminal act, deportation, fraud, misrepresentation, alien smuggler, membership in totalitarian party, civil penalty, or unlawful presence in the USA; or review the denials based on these grounds;
  14. Represent the clients in the Immigration Court; in front of the Embassy or the Consulate of the United States of America;
  15. File citizenship application, apply for an English exemption (you can speak your native language and will be not required to read and write English), or Appeal to the citizenship denials.
  16. Appeal social security disability or early retirement benefits denial;
  17. Apply for surviving benefits because your spouse, who used to live in the USA passed away. Your resident country is not an issue;
  18. See more at Immigration page

Our goal is to provide real efficiency, not simply planning without actions. Our work is grounded in real life issues to produce tangible, and bottom line outcomes. We use the stories of your life challenges to develop the strategies and behaviors necessary for your case successfulness. Find out more About Us, then look at each provided service on Immigration page for more details to make your possibilities a reality.

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